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Wi-Fi Your Whole Home

If you own a larger home and have numerous PCs, laptops and other Wi-Fi connected devices, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of dead spots in the house and dropped signals. Perhaps you have video surveillance and other wireless equipment, all of which is putting a strain on your home Wi-Fi system.

At OSI Matrix, we can use our skills in wireless technology, honed through experience of many commercial installations, to solve your home Wi-Fi problems.

Wi-Fi Your Whole Home

Every device you hook up to your home Wi-Fi network adds load and puts an additional strain on the system. If you have a lot of devices sharing the signal from a Wireless router, even with a fast internet connection your network performance will suffer. Positioning of your router and its antenna is also a critical, but often overlooked factor in Wi-Fi performance. The fact is, there are many subtle ways in which wireless performance can be optimized, but most householders don’t have the time to spend on all the tweaks.

Even if your internet service provider installs your modem and router, in most cases the installer will locate it where it’s most convenient and can be installed the fastest. In larger homes, it’s probable that a single router isn’t going to be enough to cover the entire house. If your home network performance is important to you, and especially if you have an IP based security system, OSI Matrix can optimize your Wi-Fi with the latest equipment and business class expertise.

Quality Wireless Coverage with Mesh Networking

By installing numerous Wi-Fi nodes in your home, we can build a network that has no dead areas. Mesh networks are able to constantly adjust and “heal” themselves in order to provide constant, high quality wireless coverage over large areas. We use this technology to create high performance networks for businesses, where maintaining coverage can be critical.

By bringing this technology into your home, you can have a wireless network that will easily handle all your computers, printers, and smartphones, and even your home theater and audio systems can be connected without slowing your network down.

Build the Basis for a Smart Home

Having established a robust wireless network for your home, we’re also able to help you move into the future with wireless home automation and security. Home automation is becoming popular amongst owners of large and smaller homes alike. The best home automation systems now let you control your heating, lighting, alarm systems and security equipment via an app on your smart phone or tablet.

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