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We all love modern, ultra-high quality visual and auditory experiences. This kind of technology has become so advanced that the quality can literally take your breath away. More and more people with space in their homes are giving it over to home theaters – dedicated spaces where the family can settle down and lose themselves in a private, luxury cinema setting. Others want to distribute the audio-visual experience throughout their homes.

With the different mediums for video and music that have come and gone in recent years, keeping all your movies, music and home video organized can be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all to hand, accessible within seconds wherever you happen to be inside your home?

OSI Matrix has the technical expertise, through our strong background in cabling and communications, to optimize home systems for high definition video and audio. We can install a home theater for mind-blowing movie nights with the family, or build an audio/video network to distribute video and sound through your home from a single, central hub.

Multi-Room Audio/Video Distribution

If you’ve a mind to streamline the way video and music is enjoyed throughout your home, contract with OSI Matrix and we’ll plan, design and install an intelligent system to give you music and vision anywhere in your home.

A multi-room network can deliver music and movies to any room, or even in the garden, garage or workshop. All your audio and video content, however, will be stored electronically in a single location that you can access on multiple devices. Let your family listen to different music in their respective rooms, or unify sound in every room for the ultimate party experience. Not only that, we’ll install your network in such a way that all the black boxes and cables will be discretely hidden away.

When you’re in the family room watching TV, in the middle of your favorite show and starting to feel drowsy, what better than to stop watching, retire to the bedroom, switch on a TV and pick up the show right where you left off, even though the actual program may have finished. All this and more is completely possible with a cleverly designed audio/video network.

Home Theater Projects

If you prefer to keep your video, in particular, to one purpose designed room and enjoy the ultimate immersive experience, let us plan and install a state-of-the-art home theater system. We’ll help you choose from the home theater hardware that suits your budget and taste. Then we’ll install and integrate the visual and audio elements to provide stunning visual clarity and surround sound. We’ll put our cabling expertise to use for quality with everything hidden away. All that will remain is to furnish the room to your taste, install your refrigerator and other conveniences, sit back and enjoy.

Affordable Audio/Video Installation

As a state registered contractor, all our work is performed to the highest standard. When you’re investing in a cutting edge audio/visual network or home theater, you may decide go the DIY route, as many do. However we urge you to check in with us at OSI Matrix and let us quote you for your project. You might be surprised at how little your budget will need to extend for us to professionally complete your installation. We can serve you anywhere in Southern Arizona, quickly, affordably and competently.

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