Desktop Support

Affordable, Business Class PC Support – In Your Home.

As part of OSI Matrix’s residential service offerings, we provide remote and on-site PC support, repair and service. Our primary specialties in this area are virus removal and data recovery.

Get Affordable, Business Class PC Support – In Your Home.

For home computer users, genuinely convenient support can be hard to access. Most computer vendors and manufacturers provide some degree of after-sales support, which can be remotely administered. These packages though, are generally limited in the types of support offered and only last for a certain period of time. Once the warranty period is up, computer owners often end up taking a DIY approach to their computer care, or making use of computer repair services on an ad-hoc basis, normally when something has already gone wrong.

OSI matrix can contract with you to provide in-home support services to keep your computers running well. We apply the same values to our residential services that our business clients in Southern Arizona have benefitted from for 19 years. Our rates are affordable and our support service is exemplary. With OSI Matrix, you can take advantage of business class PC support services for the computers in your home.

Virus Removal

Malicious programs and computer viruses are becoming ever more sophisticated and better able to conceal themselves. If your desktop or laptop computer is displaying symptoms of a virus attack, we can get to work on removing it, quickly and efficiently. Our technician will access your computer remotely and purge it of any malware, Trojans and spyware along with any virus that’s hiding amid your software.

While the technician is working you will be able to ask questions and get advice for preventing future attacks. If your computer is suffering from something more serious and our remote PC support technician can’t resolve the problem, we can have someone physically diagnose and repair your computer.

Data Recovery

Sometimes a virus attack can be so serious that it corrupts or damages your files and documents in such a way that you can’t access them. Many home PC users now perform many tasks electronically, like accounts, banking, legal documentation and other tasks which entail storage of sensitive and important data. That’s why computer experts are constantly advising you to perform regular backups of your computer system.

Your files can also be lost due to other reasons as well. It doesn’t matter if you have accidentally deleted some of your data, or your hard drive has failed. Whatever the reason for your lost documents, OSI Matrix has access to the facilities and expertise to recover your data. Similarly to our virus removal services, we’ll initially try to recover your data remotely over a secured connection. If that’s not possible, in the case of a drive failure for example, we can take your computer or faulty drive away and have the data recovered.

Professional PC Support

If you live in Tucson or surrounding areas, we invite you to call us and find out more about our home PC support contracts. Don’t leave your data security to chance. Put it in the hands of business class professionals at OSI Matrix.

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