Residential Technology Services

Bringing business class solutions into the home.

As a one-stop technology provider, OSI Matrix is now bringing our business class turnkey solutions into the residential market. With the ever increasing reliance on computers and technology, home computers and networks are no longer just for casual web surfing or for the kids’ games. People store much of their information on computer hard drives, including sensitive and highly important documentation.

The internet is now for many the primary means by which they shop, manage bank accounts and credit cards, communicate with loved ones and keep up to date with world events. A lot of people now work online from home too, whether self-employed or working remotely for an employer. All of which adds up to a need for reliability and robustness in home networks.

In Tucson and Southern Arizona, OSI Matrix is responding to that need by using our experience of turnkey IT solutions for small and medium business to support residential customers.

Desktop PC Support

We provide home computer users with remote desktop support, specializing in virus removal and data recovery. By making use of good anti-virus and firewall software, taking care not to open unsolicited emails and securing your Wi-Fi network, you can prevent malicious software from attacking your computer. If the worst should happen, our technicians can rid your PC or laptop from any virus, spyware or other malicious programs.

Audio/Video Multi-Room Distribution

For the best in home entertainment quality, OSI Matrix specializes in home theater builds and audio/video home network set-up. From installing your cabling to managing an entire multi-room distribution project, our state licensed technicians can bring you high definition video and sound anywhere in your home.

Home Network and Wi-Fi

In commerce, we spend a lot of time integrating business systems across Southern Arizona. We can offer our expertise to pull all your entertainment, security and computer equipment together on a single, robust network. We use mesh technology to create full home wireless coverage, even in very large homes. We know that modern homeowners need reliable systems, so we use our commercial experience to provide homes with business class network performance.

Our residential solutions don’t stop at PC support, entertainment network and Wi-Fi solutions. OSI Matrix also provides the following contract services to homeowners:

  • Video Surveillance, with traditional analogue technology or high definition IP megapixel cameras
  • Home Automation, using a Wi-Fi network or traditional discrete cabling
  • Smart Phone set-up
  • Parental control for internet and technology access

A Step Ahead of the Handyman

OSI Matrix is registered, licensed, bonded and in good standing with the registrar of contractors. When you contract with us, we provide craftsmanship in your home which is reliable and of extremely high quality. We see ourselves as ambassadors for our industry and pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for technology. At the same time we believe in realistic pricing and honesty in our customer service. We take time to assess your unique needs and deliver what you want, without trying to sell you something you don’t.

Residential Solutions

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