VoIP, TDM and Hosted Solutions

With our background deeply rooted in telecommunications, OSI Matrix can design, build, maintain, support, integrate and even host a telecoms system tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Design and Build

If you’re a new business start-up or an established business wishing to implement a new telecommunications system, OSI Matrix can provide a one-stop solution. We have a wealth of experience in building systems, cabling, hardware selection and procurement for both TDM and VoIP telephony and data communication platforms. When you consult with us, we’ll first seek a deep understanding of your business, before evaluating an appropriate range of solutions and providing you only with recommendations to suit your business model and strategy. We won’t waste your time trying to sell you a solution just because its state-of-the-art or because it’s our preferred system-- our business is about you.

We know how imperative a reliable communications system is to your livelihood. In today’s busy society, a telephony solution often represents the face of your business. The right system can project a Fortune 500 image to your customers or clients, while getting it wrong can cost you a fortune in lost business instead.

OSI Matrix has a 19-year history of successful telecommunications partnerships with businesses across Southern Arizona. We can design and install traditional digital TDM, IP PBX, VoIP and integrated solutions. For small businesses that want big company technology at small budget prices, we can also provide hosted PBX and VoIP packages.

Maintain and Support

We also know that a downed phone system can be big trouble for your business, particularly in a call center environment. You can never get a lost call back--once you’ve missed it, it’s gone. That’s why OSI Matrix offers flexible, tailor-made maintenance and support contracts for your telecommunications system, whether it’s a new system installed by us, or a legacy system that’s starting to need a little TLC.

Working as your partner, we can customize a support and maintenance package to fit your budget and unique business needs. Users of our hosted VoIP services benefit from a full time support helpdesk.

Telecoms System Integration

When OSI Matrix says one-stop-shop, that’s what we mean. Specializing in uniquely customized telephony and communications solutions is one of our key strengths. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, as many of our long term clients in Southern Arizona and Mexico can testify. If you want to cut your phone bills by connecting your traditional PBX system to the VoIP communications network, we can help you. If you already have separate solutions for internet, voice and internal data networks, we can assist you in their integration to streamline your business.

Integrating Systems. Connecting People.

That’s our slogan and our mantra. With OSI Matrix as your partner, your business can benefit from a customized solution and service package, ensuring reliable and future proof connections between your employees and customers. Using our hosted VoIP solutions for example, your business in Tucson can have a local presence in Tulsa. Wherever you are located, physically or virtually, OSI Matrix is right behind you, supporting you all the way.

Business Solutions

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