Turnkey Security Solutions for Your Business

As a one-stop-shop for technology, serving businesses in Tucson and Southern Arizona, OSI matrix considers effective security provision as being our duty. As part of our development from a cabling provider, we now design and build security surveillance solutions and card access security systems.

Advancements in technology have brought hi-tech video surveillance equipment within reach of smaller businesses. Gone are the days when only corporate giants and government facilities could afford to have cameras watching over their assets. Not only is it desirable for smaller enterprises to invest in video surveillance, it’s becoming a necessity. As the less wholesome members of our society find it harder to access protected premises, they seek out targets that are easier to penetrate.

With the price of a video surveillance network now in the realms of small business budgets, doing without one is becoming a risky business. Apart from the pro-active security provided by such a system, video evidence is becoming increasingly important to a successful outcome after an event.

Choose Your Security Solution

OSI Matrix LLC can design and build a solution to match your video surveillance requirements. We can undertake an entire project for you, or handle individual elements such as the cabling or integration with your communications network. Some of the video surveillance aspects we handle are:>

  • Camera systems for construction sites
  • DVR storage and playback devices
  • IP based video surveillance and recording
  • Megapixel or VGA camera equipment
  • Remote access video monitoring and data backup

Our card access systems allow you to control who comes and goes around your business premises and allow you to set access levels and zones. We help you to secure your premises with swipe, insertion or proximity reader systems. As well as the supply of equipment, we set up your security software and configure it so you can create, delete, amend and update user information and access clearances.

In keeping with our slogan, Integrating Systems…Connecting People… we can interface your video surveillance and card access solutions with your communications network. We can even arrange remote monitoring for you and store your video data in the cloud. Whichever way you choose to go with your business security, our solutions will make it easy to record, access and share your video surveillance data.

Secure Your System Quality with a Licensed Contractor

Having taken a responsible approach to your business security, it makes sense to put your implementation into the hands of a state registered contractor. With good luck, you will rarely need to make use of your video surveillance data. However, when the time comes that you do need to call it into play, the last thing you need is to find that a camera or cabling connection failed. All work performed by OSI Matrix is covered by insurance and carried out in strict accordance with contractor codes. As well as being registered, bonded and licensed, we have always remained in good standing with the Corporation Commission and Registrar of Contractors. We guarantee that your video surveillance network will stand the test of time, even if it never has to stand the test of intruders.

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