Remote Backup & Monitoring

Keep your data safe in case distaster strikes.

OSI Matrix offers you an affordable and cost effective ways to protect your data and keep your network performance optimized. Our remote backup solutions keep your vital business information safe without the need for extra hardware on your site, while remote monitoring can save the cost of employed IT specialists or supplement your own IT management at times of peak demand.

Is Your Data Safe?

As a small business owner, or medium sized business executive, do you ever have sleepless nights wondering how your business would cope if disaster should strike? Do you feel safe in the knowledge that your business data is backed up and accessible if, for example, your business premises were to catch fire? If you are a small enterprise without an IT department, who is monitoring your network to make sure everything’s as it should be?

For many businesses, effective back-up of data and contingency for the unforeseen only becomes a consideration after a serious event or a near miss. To some degree this is understandable—data storage is an expensive commodity and proper disaster planning requires considerable time and effort. At the same time it’s short sighted. Business disasters are often not particularly dramatic events. A virus running rife through your network or a road crew cutting through a fiber optic trunk isn’t likely to make the news headlines, but it will be a big and potentially calamitous event for your business.

Give Someone Else the Headache

The good news is, you don’t have to lose sleep, and you don’t have to give your bank manager a coronary to safeguard your business from network downtime and lost data. As a provider of turnkey IT solutions across Southern Arizona, OSI Matrix can provide outsourced data backup and network monitoring.

With remote backup, your network data is copied and encrypted, then sent to hosted servers where it’s archived. This activity happens on a scheduled basis, normally at a predetermined time each day. The backup tasks are carried out automatically and require no intervention by your network users. In the event that something happens to your network servers, or you suffer a loss of data, it isn’t really lost. You can recover it from the hosted servers and load it back onto your system.

A further layer of protection can be added to reduce the risk of losing your most recent data. By running regular backups to a local device on your network, in a different location from your server, any data lost after the daily remote backup was performed can also be recovered.

By taking advantage of our remote monitoring solutions, you can conduct your business knowing that your network performance is in good hands. Any events that affect your network can be seen by a monitoring agent, who can inform you, arrange for remedial action, or even carry out that action remotely, depending on the service level you specify. Our remote monitoring and support services are suitable for any business and can extend to providing desktop monitoring and PC support for your network users.

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