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Tucson, Arizona’s One-Stop Network Shop

OSI Matrix provides a range of network set-up services. We can plan, supply and install network infrastructure for many specialized environments. We can configure installed networks for optimized performance and integrate disparate systems to simplify your business operations. Whether you want a high performance LAN with fiber optic cabling, or a virtualized environment with the security of cloud-based data storage, our technicians have what it takes to deliver your unique solution.

We specialize in data and communication networks, telecoms and video surveillance networking, providing a one-stop-shop to look after your needs from the network deployment to its upgrade and expansion as your business grows and develops.

Why Use a Contractor to set up Your Network?

Many are the tales of businesses underestimating their network requirements or missing not-so-little things like disaster recovery and back-up contingencies. A good contractor will help ensure that your network set-up will include risk mitigation and future-proof features to save you from unnecessary problems and expenses.

At OSI Matrix, we’ll provide future assured network set-up, but we won’t try and tempt you into paying out for features and equipment that don’t need. We base our holistic services on a desire to retain our clients in Southern Arizona. With that in mind we go all-out to treat you honestly and openly. If we think you are considering investment in something and our opinion is that you won’t get the payback, we’ll share that with you. We consider it to be in our best interest to protect yours.

At the same time, we will recommend what we believe to be right. When you install a network, the last thing you need is to lose productivity due to server downtime, virus attacks and sub-standard internet performance. We’re not just here to solve your business problems. Our aim is to prevent them in the first place. By using us to set up your network, you gain peace of mind that the end result will be a high performance business system.

Tucson, Arizona’s One-Stop Network Shop

We’ve come a long way since our beginnings as a cable/telecoms company. Our business model has evolved into full service technology provision. So when you entrust your network set-up to us, we have all the bases covered. From the data room to your mobile employees’ smartphones, we can provide the cabling, infrastructure, software, and hardware and tie it all together into a data and communications network that precisely meets your business needs. Hence our slogan, Integrating Systems…Connecting People…

We make it our business to keep up to date with technological advances, and we use our knowledge to build cost effective networks. OSI Matrix will help you benefit from networks that get the most performance from the fewest components. We build in safe levels of redundancy, data protection and capacity to keep your network up and running however much it’s stretched. When the time comes to scale-up, our forward-thinking solutions will need little adaptation to cope with your business growth.

If you’re in the Tucson area and planning a network implementation or upgrade, we’re waiting and ready to help. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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