Data Room Build-Outs

Expert design & implementation.

When you determine a need to build a data room for your business, you know you’re embarking on a complex project, which will require significant investment and will come with its share of challenges. As the hub of your communication and data network, everything, from the cabling to the cooling, needs to be done just right. Here you will house and integrate all your business systems from your communications and computer network to your video surveillance control.

It’s probable that your data and server room build-out will be a first time event for your business and in any case, no two data rooms are the same. Its design and function will be unique to your business and there’s not a lot of room for mistakes in design. Your facility needs to be built in a way that minimizes risk and cost to your business and supports future expansion.

The Importance of Hiring a Contractor

For a medium sized business, it’s unlikely that the design and engineering skills required for a data room build-out will be found within your own organization. There are so many specific elements which must be considered, including:

  • Data room layout
  • Security
  • Fire Protection
  • Cooling
  • Power provisioning and back-up power

This is where OSI Matrix can assist you and your business. We have plenty of past experience in building data centers across Southern Arizona. We have access to the expertise in those diverse specialties required to plan, design and build a business nerve center. Our team can keep you on track from the budgeting stage, all the way through to final commissioning and beyond.

With a lengthy, complex and whichever way you look at it, expensive project ahead, you can’t afford errors and budget overruns. Not only that, much of the work has to be carried out by state registered contractors in order to comply with legislature. OSI Matrix is registered with the Arizona State Registrar of Contractors. The work we do for you will be in compliance with regulations and will ensure all aspects of your build-out pass inspection.

We Mitigate Your Risks and Lower Your Costs

Because of our background knowledge and practical experience, we can build-out your data or server room with effective safeguards to protect your business and prevent expensive problems further down the line.

For example, data room power and cooling requirements are not something to which a best guess approach can be taken. Ensuring that sufficient power supply, standby power and cooling are implemented to meet long-term needs involves complex calculations. We have the people who can make those calculations and save you from the cost of shortfalls when you need to add new equipment.

The skills needed to protect your data room from fire should also not be underestimated. Federal, national, state and local legislation, as well as NFPA standards, all lay down specifications to which your fire protection must adhere. That aside, it’s critical for the good of your business to adequately protect your people and assets from the risk of fire.

These are only two examples of how a contractor is essential for the success of your data room build-out. Choosing the right contractor is also critical. OSI Matrix has the people, resources and facilities to make sure your data room serves your business well in the long run.

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