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Sometimes, connecting people in business environments is best done with more traditional methods of communication. It may be a matter of giving customers and guests of your business a soothing environment to spend their time. Background music can be an incentive for people to step back from their busy lives and slow down for a while. If they do this in your establishment, they are more likely to stay and enjoy the service or product that you offer.

On the other hand, in a noisy environment, or if you have many people working in a large area such as a warehouse, a paging system with speakers might be the most effective way to contact individuals. If your business is conducted in an outdoor area and caters for the public, then you may need to have a public address system.

While the aforementioned systems are generally lo-tech in comparison with many business solutions offered by OSI Matrix, they are still worthy of professional installation and maintenance. We can help your business by providing effective cabling and hardware to meet your specific business needs. Our years of experience in cabling and communications over Southern Arizona have presented us with a variety of business challenges to overcome. Every business is unique and at OSI Matrix, and we make it our business to know yours, resulting in solutions that fit the most exacting of customer requirements.

Commercial Paging

In gyms, large offices, warehouses and factories, telephone paging systems still have their place for sending voice content to busy employees. As an inexpensive add-on to your telephone network, paging systems are ideal for the following forms of communication:

  • Emergency alerts, such as evacuations or alerting staff to an incoming phone call.
  • Broadcast announcements to get information out quickly to an entire building or to zones.
  • Locating individuals in busy working environments.
  • Background music in the workplace, which is proven to increase productivity.

Background Music

As well as providing a productivity boost, background music is ideal for mood setting in restaurants, bars, clubs, gymnasiums, sports facilities and conference centers. OSI matrix can install any system, from a simple small business set-up based on an MP3 or similar music source, to complex solutions with multiple sound sources and multi-zone amplifiers.

Public Address Systems

When you need to get your message across to a large audience, and you don’t require too much selectivity, a public address system will probably suit your needs. OSI Matrix can supply and install the microphones, speakers, amplifiers, controllers and cabling for traditional PA systems. For more specialized needs, we can advise and help you with other types of PA system, such as PA over IP, for wireless public address.

OSI Matrix – Addressing Your Audio Needs

Whatever solution you require, or even if you just need an expansion or upgrade to an existing audio network, we can help you. Our technicians are knowledgeable and legally endorsed, and won’t try to sell you more than you need. What you’ll get is a professionally crafted solution, quickly installed, ready to go and ready to build on as your business grows.

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